5 Weird & Crazy Things Me and My Husband Do

I and my hubby do a lot of weird and crazy things that instantly makes us both laugh till we run out of breath.

I don’t know, other people might be like “err wth?”, but we’re just like “Err hello” with a cheesy grin on our faces.

When I think about it, these little crazy things we do together also plays a huge part in bringing us closer and increases our intimacy.

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I’m warning you: one or more of these might make you go “eww” or “err”, but who care’s I’m just gonna “let it go” anyway.

Just don’t ask me how these things are helping us grow closer, because, I don’t know, but they just do!

NO 1: “Peppa Pig..snort snort”

Yeah, Peppa Pig is one of my most favorite cartoons of all time (Noddy too), and will always be.

I used to do the “Peppa Pig..snort snort (imitating Peppa’s snorting noise)” to hubby even before we got married..and he fell in love with it.

So once in awhile, I’d randomly do that and he’d come and kiss me right away because he finds it cute. What? He finds it cute, I don’t know why but he just does. So sometimes we do it together and even try to do it at the same time.

We didn’t, and don’t do this to try and impress ourselves, or to find each other cute, but that’s what happened so it became one of the weird habits we have.

NO 2: I’d make him wear the shower cap randomly.

Sometimes even when he’s trying to have a go at me for something (you know, those easy to cool off anger moments).

I’ll be like please wear it and then carry on talking.

And when he does, he’d look so damn adorable that I just have to go kiss him and laugh my a** off at the same time. He’ll also end up laughing with me.

NO 3: Singing a few lines of really old songs during serious moments (with a serious face).

Yeah, we’d do that at times. One time, we were having a serious moment with one of his close aunt and soon after she’d left, my hubby was like, “maybe we should have sung these lines to her” and he started singing the song.

It just instantly lit up our mood and made us LOL for so long that day. We still do that at times, it’s hilarious.

NO 4: Eructation and Flatulence set free.

That in plain English is burping and farting. My husband hardly ever does the second one in front of me, but I fart and burp and then smile at him with a confused face

And every time I do, I’d also say “Oh gosh I still can’t believe I’m farting in front of you” and now he would say it with a cheesy laugh at times because that’s how many times I’ve said it.

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Luckily, though, they rarely ever have any smell so he doesn’t complain at all. He just laughs and makes silly comments and we both end up laughing.

NO 5: We take funny face videos using Phone apps.

Yup, that’s another way we entertain ourselves at times. You know them funny face apps like face swap you can download on most smart phones?

We surprise each other by taking random funny face shots of ourselves using these apps and it sure cracks us up.

We do a lot more, but I’m not willing to share all of them as some may not be suitable for all age audience.

You might be like these things are for the teenagers and little children claiming to be in love, but guess what? It doesn’t matter.

If it makes us smile and laugh and have a great time, I’m happy to be compared with teenagers in love. We’re only in our early 20s, we’ll still be doing these things in our 40s, 50s, and so on.

Your spouse is your soulmate until death does you apart. So don’t hold yourself back from doing things that other people might find weird or crazy!

If it puts a smile on your face and makes you two laugh for even a short moment, that’s all that matters.

Do you also do silly things with your husband or wife that makes you LOL instantly? Don’t be shy let us know!

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