12 Proven to Work Vaginal Odor Remedies: Your Ultimate Guide!

vaginal odor remedies

How do you like the sound of some real No BS, data backed vaginal odor remedies and tips that actually work?

Well, you just got lucky sister, because I’ve written up this monster piece after doing weeks of research on this unpleasant feminine odor topic.

This post will hopefully answer every question you may have about vaginal odor and point you to the right remedies that can help cure it for you.

Every healthy vagina has a scent. 

It varies from clear-musky on normal days, to a somewhat rusty metallic smell during periods.

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So listen up:

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As I mentioned above, your vagina will always have its unique scent and that’s perfectly normal.

Do you know when it becomes a problem?
  • If you go around claiming your vagina can smell like flowers or fruits. Your vagina is not supposed to smell like a flower or a fruit. [18] Period. And if it does, it’s artificial which is VERY bad in the long run.
  • If your vagina smells like a dead fish rotting down there and it doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many showers you take in a day. [31]

But before we get started, I want you to relax and know that you are NOT alone.

Vaginal odor is very common among women than you think. 

From young teenage girls to women in their late 60s, vaginal odor is absolutely common.

You won’t hear many people talking about it because it is kind of an awkward thing to talk about.

I mean, how often do you hear one of your girlfriends or a family member asking for vaginal odor remedies?

Pretty rare right?

And that’s only because most women are embarrassed to talk about it.

They beat themselves up and make it out like it’s only happening to them.

And there’s a good chance you’re probably doing the same thing.

But listen, get this stamped in your head right now:

You are not alone.

Thousands of women are searching for vaginal odor remedies every single month, so don’t beat yourself up over it anymore. 

Are your colleagues, family members or friends talking behind your back?
I know so many of you ladies out there probably stay depressed in a corner and hate the idea of stepping out because of the way other people comment about your vaginal smell.

Do you have people commenting and acting like you don’t have a good hygiene?

Those awkward stares and comments such as “what’s that smell?” can be really embarrassing.

But once again, I just want to remind you that you are not alone.

Yes, it can be a painful situation to deal with, but guess what?

You’re already doing the right thing by looking for ways to treat that unpleasant feminine odor.

And no matter how old you are, there are many proven remedies to treat and keep the vaginal odor under control.

As for the people who’re putting you through hell because of something that’s not even your fault, ignore them.

Focus on your treatments and the things that make you feel good about yourself. That’s it.

That’s it.

2 Hard to Ignore Reasons Why You Should Avoid Over the Counter Feminine Odor Products!

1 . Delay in STI diagnosis and…

link between STI and feminine odor products

Studies reveal that the use of over the counter feminine odor products such as feminine wipes, douches and sprays can increase the risk of developing symptoms that mimic STIs.

These symptoms can include discharge or vaginal irritations.

On top of that, the use of these products can mask the symptoms of a true STI, resulting in delayed diagnosis and treatment [1].

This is a serious warning to keep note of especially if you’re intimately active.

Bottomline: Using feminine hygiene products such as sprays and wipes can give you STI like symptoms.

And if you happen to have a real STI by any unfortunate chances, these products can mask the true symptoms and cause a delay in diagnosis.

2 . Feminine Hygiene Products Can Kill the Happy Vaginal PH.

Over the counter feminine odor products have been proven to disturb the normal 3.8-4.5 ph level of the vagina.

Your vagina is capable of cleaning itself.

It has a system of healthy bacteria called Lactobacillus living inside that helps getting rid of bad bacteria and protects you from vaginal infections [8].

When the natural acidic PH of your vaginal environment becomes disturbed, this reduces the presence of the good bacteria and promotes the growth of the bad one.

As a result, you will now become prone to all sorts of vaginal infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast infection and more [9].

The disturbed PH of your vaginal environment is one of the most important causes of vaginal odor.

Bottom line: The use of feminine odor sprays, wipes and douches can severely disturb the vaginal PH.

This will destroy the good bacteria and open door for vaginal odor and infections.

8 Main Causes of Fishy Vaginal Odor

The number 1 reason for foul vaginal odor is the disturbed PH of your vaginal ecosystem.

The normal PH of your vagina varies between 3.8-4.5 [16].

Your vaginal enviroment is dominated by Lactobacillus (Good bacteria) that helps maintain the acidic PH of your vagina and help protect you from STI and other infections. [15] [17]

You’re going to learn the 8 main reasons why your vaginal PH can get disturbed.

Sometimes, just correcting the causes of a disease can help treat and prevent it from recurring.

It’s very true in this case of vaginal odor.

Before you try out any of the vaginal odor remedies discussed on this post, read through the following list of causes to understand what could be causing the unpleasant smell from your vagina.

NO 1: Is your hygienic practice on point?

You don’t want to skip this part even if you say you shower or bath every day because you could be overdoing it or doing it completely wrong.

So it’s time to check up on your vaginal hygiene now. 

Go through these questions first and figure out if you’re doing it wrong.

Do you wash your vagina after every bowel movement?

No amount of tissue is going to make your down there smell clean like washing that whole area with some warm water.

This might come as a surprise for some of you ladies, but you must always wipe your vaginal/anal area from front to back, not the other way around, okay?

Do you wash the inside of your vagina?


Well, it’s about time you stop doing that.

And if you’re washing the inside of your vagina with any kind of soap, it is going to be the number 1 reason for the fishy odor of your vagina. [19]

You know why that is?

Your vagina is a self-cleaning oven. It can clean itself.

It can clean itself.

You only need to clean the vulva and surrounding areas.

When you attempt to clean the inside of your vagina with water and/or soap, you are disturbing the happy PH balanced environment of it. [20]

You will be destroying the good bacteria inside your vagina and promoting the growth of bad anaerobic bacteria.

As a result, your vagina will start stinking like a can of out of date tuna.

So do not wash the inside of your vagina.

And no soapy water must ever enter inside of it. 

Just use some warm water and sensitive nonfragrant soap like dove bar to wash the vulva and surrounding area down there.

NO 2: Does douching help get rid of vaginal odor?

Douching=disaster for your vagina.

Have you ever douched?

Do you still douche?

Stop already.

For those who don’t know what douching is, it’s the internal washing of your vagina using water, soap, etc. 

Many women believe that douching with just plain water is perfectly fine and yet they can’t help wonder why their vagina still smells like a dead fish rotting in there.

So all that FemFresh, Vagisil, and SummerssEve stuff are going to do more harm than any good for your vagina. [22]

Research studies have found out that a lot of women still believe that douching is a good hygienic practice.

One example is this study that was conducted among 535 adult women. 

They found that 65% of them believed douching to be a good hygienic practice and a lot of them thought it helped prevent infections. 

Little do they know that it rather does the opposite.

Douching severely disturbs the PH of your vagina, destroys the good bacteria (La and promotes the growth of the bad anaerobic bacteria. [21

What happens then?

Your vagina starts smelling like a rotten egg, that’s what.

So don’t go anywhere near douching, only wash the outer parts of the vagina with plain water and mild soap with no fragrance etc.

Still not with me on this?

How about this: Douching can also increase your risk of developing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and/ or catching an STI (sexually transmitted infection) if and when you’re active [9].

So stay the hell away from douching to get rid of vaginal odor.

It will do you 100 times more harm than any good.

So what you can’t use any soap at all down there?

Yes, no soap must ever inside your vagina.

But you can use a plain nonfragrant soap like this Dove unscented soap bar for sensitive skin to wash the outside parts of your vagina.

NO 3: The link between vaginal odor and menopause.

If you’re a woman going through pre/post menopause, you’re more likely to notice vaginal dryness and irritations [33].

This is because of the decline in estrogen level in your body [32] and thus, your vaginal walls will tend to become thinner and more sensitive.

You’ll also become more prone to bacterial infections down there because of the disturbed PH level of your vagina [34, 35].

So if you’re wondering what’s up down there with that fishy odor, it’s simply the decline in your estrogen level disturbing the overall health of your vagina.

All the tips and remedies mentioned in this post will make a difference, especially drinking plenty of water, eating yogurt and wearing pure cotton underwear.

And if you wish to go a bit advanced, consult with your doctor or gynecologist about getting some Conjugated Equine Estrogens (CEE) to help balance the menopause disasters.

Research studies [5] [6] have found out that CEE certainly helps relieve women with menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness.

Consider this only if/when you’ve tried all the remedies and tips on this page and nothing seems to be working at all.

NO 4: Fishy vaginal odor during pregnancy.

If you’re a pregnant woman experiencing bad feminine odor, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that your sensitivity to any smell is elevated at this point in your life.

It’s normal for pregnant women to have abnormal smell sensitivity.

Sometimes the foul vaginal odor during pregnancy is caused by yeast infection.

As stated in this article by AmericanPregnancy, this is due to the sudden hormonal changes your body goes through during pregnancy. 

It can definitely be treated with some of the vaginal odor remedies mentioned on this post and/or with over the counter medicine for Yeast infection.

NO 5: How good is your sexual hygienic practice?

If you’re not already doing this, make sure to take a shower or at least wash both of your private parts before getting intimate.

Pee right after doing it and wash the outside of your vagina with warm water. 

This will not only help eliminate any unpleasant odors but will also help protect you from catching a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

If you stink down there as soon as he ejaculates, it might have more to do on his side.

Watch out on his hygiene just as much as you do on yours.

Make sure he washes his before you know.

And be careful when (if) you insert toys and any other foreign objects down there.

NO 6: Have you forgotten to remove an old tampon from your lala land?

Do you use tampons? 

Take a deep breath and think for a second.

Because there’s a small but significant chance that you could have left the tampon rotting in there from who knows when.

Have you ever forgotten to remove your tampon on time?

If yes, there’s a good chance you could have one rotting in your vagina causing that fishy vaginal odor. 

You could have forgotten to remove it before inserting a new tampon and/ or you could have completely forgotten about the existence of it rotting in your vagina after a period.

Apparently, this is a very common case among women, so don’t panic if you think you’ve done it. [2]

However, you do need to get it removed as soon as possible if you suspect of having one in there.

NO 7: Is your vaginal odor caused by a Yeast infection?

Yeast infection is pretty common and goes unnoticed in most cases until something like a fishy odor case rises up.

The vaginal odor remedies on this post will help treat yeast infection too.

Remember how we talked about the PH of your vagina earlier?

When that PH is disturbed for whatever reason, too much yeast can grow and result in a Yeast infection.

According to WebMD, here are the immediate signs to tell if you have a yeast infection:

  • Itchiness and soreness in the vagina.
  • Thick and clumpy white discharge that looks like cottage cheese.
  • And of course, the fishy vaginal smell.

NO 8: Is your vaginal odor caused by Bacterial Vaginosis?

MayoClinic describes bacterial vaginosis as a vaginal inflammation caused by the disturbed balance of the bacteria inside your vagina.

Similar to Yeast infections, Bacterial Vaginosis is also very common among young women to women in their menopausal stage. 

It’s not always a serious issue and can be treated with some of the natural vaginal odor remedies you will see on this post, as well as with the help of over counter meds.

These are some of the immediate signs to tell if your vaginal odor is caused by bacterial vaginosis:

  • Thin gray-greenish vaginal discharge.
  • Fishy vaginal smell
  • Itching and burning sensation in and around your vagina.

If you think you have it, relax, most women get it at least once or twice in their lifetime. 

And as mentioned earlier, it can easily be treated with some of the proven to work home remedies and tips you will see on this page.

However, Bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy is not something to be taken lightly, as it has the potential to cause late miscarriages, preterm births and more.

BV is more common during the second and third trimester. [1]

So if you’re pregnant and you think you’ve got a BV, run to your doctor asap and get it checked out.

Next we’re going to look at some powerful and proven to work remedies for vaginal odor.


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This is such a great article, should be mandatory reading for girls in school. So much valuable information. Thank you gor taking the time to write this and share it!!! Blessings to you and your family. ☺

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This was by far the most informative blog and I am so glad I ran across it. You touch on many points that most woman wouldn’t even think of. Thanks for this, it is truly appreciated!