3 Poisonous Things We Stopped (almost) doing in Our Marriage

As of this coming December 2016, me and my hubby will be married for 8 months and, i guess you can say we’re still newly married. About 2 months ago,

About 2 months ago, my husband accepted the lord as his savior and became a born again Christian, which is awesome, because our marriage would be in a whole big mess otherwise!

We love each other so damn much, yet, we had (still have at times) a few habits that kept on causing unwanted arguments and fights between us.

By the grace of our lord Jesus, we have started working on getting rid of those habits for once and all.

Our marriage life truly started heading towards the light when we both started keeping our eyes focused on the lord.

Here are the 3 things we have and still are working on avoiding at all cost in our marriage life:

NO 1: Making comments or randomly asking questions about each other’s past.

Right now the best and number 1 piece of advice I can offer you is that, NEVER, EVER, bring up each other’s past life experiences. Just leave it. Even if you attempt to make a joke or something about your partner’s

Even if you attempt to make a joke or something about your partner’s ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s eventually going to end up in an ugly mess.

Me and my hubby used to have this habit, and it kept on poisoning our sweet marriage life. But by the grace of the lord, we now at all cost, try our best to avoid talking about each other’s past.

There’s no need for any deep explanations on this one. Just avoid doing it.dot.

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NO 2: Short temper.

Me and hubby have had (still do at times) an equal share of this deadly thing. Again, by the grace of the lord we’re both working on getting rid of this habit.

When something goes wrong, we both just jump into conclusions right away and that used to cause serious fights. We could have sat down and talked to each other about it a little more kind and patiently, but we did not.

If you or your spouse have the habit of jumping into conclusions instead of talking things out calmly, that’s something you need to work on a serious level.

Let me give you a perfect example: One perfect afternoon, we were cuddling and having our chit chat and then suddenly he gets a phone call from his 2 female nurse friends.

He picked up and talked calmly and, I thought he was on the phone to his relatives.

Now firstly, I don’t like those 2 lady friends for many reasons.

So when I found out it was them on the phone, and that they asked him if he could come over to show them the direction for an address they wanted to go to…

What do you think happened? All hell broke loose of course, that’s what!

I went from being a sweet romantic wifey to something like the girl from exorcism within a matter of seconds.

I had a crazy go at him and we ended up in a huge ugly mess that day, but my husband was a sweet gentleman. He tried his best to stay calm, make jokes and managed to make peace with me so quickly.

The point is, we had a huge fight over such a small nonsense issue when we could have just talked about it calmly instead.

NO 3: Swearing and cursing during an argument.

Oh it’s poisonous. I’m telling you, it’s no good for a good Christ centered marriage life. We both used to do it all the time and sometimes we still do. But we are strongly working on NOT doing it anymore.

It’s incredible how much my husband has transformed since he accepted the lord.

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Have or do you still face these issues in your marriage life? Feel free to share your thoughts with our readers.

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Thank you for this. I have been looking for ways to help me and my soon to be hubby. We have been together for 2 and 1/2 years and i have 3 kids. So we are stressed out but i love him with all my heart and what to make everything work.