6 Signs Your Friend or Relative Secretly Enjoys Seeing YOU & YOUR HUSBAND FIGHT!

In case you’ve been so damn innocent, or pretty stupid your entire life, not to realize the true colors of the people around you, this post might come across as a surprise!

I’ve been in that category too, even just a few months ago, but I’m not anymore.

Now, to begin with, me and my hubby don’t talk about our private business, especially the arguments and ugly bits with other people.

We don’t share our negative moments with no friends or families, no matter who they are. It’s a vow we made when we first fell in love.

Before my hubby became a born-again Christian, it was just me, crying and waiting on the lord to sort out whatever issue we were facing at that time. But since he accepted the lord 3 months ago, we both read and pray together every single day.

Any little thing goes wrong, we both surrender it to the lord and that’s the way it should be for a marriage that intends to last until death interferes.

But then again, the devil does get pretty innovative with his strategies, when both the husband and the wife start committing A-Z of everything in the foot of the lord.

Even though we both try our best to keep our negative moments to ourselves, we happened to “let it go” a few times recently in front of a close family member.

At first, you know how they go. They’ll try to be all sweet and see what they can do to help and so on. But some days later, me and hubbby both started seeing their true colors.

Like you know when you can just sense that feeling in your heart that someone loves seeing you and your hubby fight, but they act like an angel in front of you?

I don’t want to long this post any further with flashbacks and memories, so here are 6 signs that your close friend or relative secretly enjoys seeing you and your hubby fight!

NO 1: “You know a woman of a noble character can immediately sense it when a guy is approaching her with evil intentions.”

That’s an excellent advice and it is in fact, so true! 90% of the time, you can sense the real intentions of a man from the way he is talking and looking at you.

That’s a nice topic to talk about, but why is this friend or relative of yours saying it when your husband is right next to you? Is she trying to hint something there or try to make you look stupid?

If your friend or relative is trying to advise you on how to be a good wife when your husband is right next to you, what the heck? Like hello…open your eyes woman!

NO 2: Comments or brings up a topic about your past.

No one, absolutely no one, who truly wants you to be happy with your husband, will ever bring up your past subjects in front of him. There really is no if, but for that.

Even if your past ex-boyfriend died or something, your friend or relative should hush and tell you privately if he or she really feels the need to.

And it’s a BIG red sign if they talk about what your ex is doing or something that happened in your past life, that you know your hubby will hate to hear about.

NO 3: *Accidentally* blurts a secret or comment.

When your friend or relative *accidentally* or *innocently* mentions something you told him or her, when your hubby is right next to you, think twice about what their real intention might be.

I mean, when it’s a real accident, you can tell the difference. But you know them moments when that person mentions it and it comes across like they must have done it on purpose?

NO 4: The traditional stirring.

This is an old technique but still works very well in many marriages. If your friend or relative has the habit of pointing out your hubby’s negatives to you in secret, that’s a big red flag right there.

NO 5: The pointless bragger.

Do you have a friend or relative who loves acting all lovey dovey and polite with their partner, with an intention that you and your hubby should compare yourselves to their marriage life?

Let me give you an example: Let’s say you’ve just had an argument with hubby and you’re both chilling in the living room.

Your friend or family member happens to know that something is wrong and decides to be so lovey dovey all of a sudden with her husband. That’s a really fishy behavior, I’m telling you.

NO 6: Continuously advises you and your hubby like you two are some teenage kids in love.

Another example: Let’s say your friend or relative is aware of some of the fights and arguments you’ve had with your hubby, and this person, out of nowhere gives awkward relationship advice to you guys in a random happy moment.

And if he or she continuously has this habit, and acts like your marriage life is not serious just because they know about your arguments, you know what to do.

Not bored yet? This might help: How to be a good submissive wife. 

Don’t be shy! Comment and let me know if you can relate to any of these signs in your marriage life.

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