My period is 4 days late: Pregnant or Not Anticipation has begun!

My period is 4 days late: Pregnant or Not Anticipation has begun!

So today’s date is the 30th of October 2016, mentioning it because i know i will be publishing this post a few days later.

The first day of my last period was 26th or 27th of September 2016. But it is now almost the end of the 30th here in India (came on holidays), and still no sign of my period.

It is so hard for me to jump into any preggo conclusions, yet, because my period varies between 28-33 days. And when it comes, it would last between 4-6 days.

According to all the next period calculators on the internet, my earliest one should have come on the 26th of October, which would make me 4 days late already. And the latest one should have started today on the 30th, assuming it’s a 33 days cycle, but still no sign.

I am however, experiencing all kinds of other mild symptoms of pregnancy for the past whole week or so.

Those are:

  1. About a week ago, i had a really bad pulling pain behind my belly button in the late night. The pain was so bad that i couldn’t even stretch my legs properly when i was sleeping or even pee properly for at least an hour or more. I didn’t know what on earth that pain was and why i had it, but after googling about it, there is a good chance of it being implantation pain. Who knows! Maybe my head is just playing tricks with me because i so badly want to get pregnant.
  2. I have been feeling extremely gassy for the past 3 days, like every few minutes, literally. Luckily, they don’t stink so me and my hubby just laugh it off every time.
  3. Twitching and tingling sensation in both sides of my lower abdomen, especially when i try to get up after sitting or lying down. It’s not painful but it’s not very comfortable either.
  4. Other symptoms like extreme tiredness and bloating is also there.
  5. Frequent trips to the washroom.

I don’t want to go into anymore details about the symptoms, just yet. I’m going to give myself 1 more day and then go to the doctors for a pregnancy check up.

Are you also experiencing a similar situation? Tell us about it and what happened.

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