Late Period or Pregnancy spotting? So frustrating!

Late Period or Pregnancy spotting? So frustrating!

Today is the 5th of November, and around 2.30pm in the afternoon, I started noticing light pinkish-red blood down there when i went to the washroom. It’s not heavy, but light flow with some mild cramping here and there.

I have also been feeling quite nauseous for the past whole hour. So what the heck I am i to think of this? Implantation bleeding or late period? Gotta wait and see, because if it’s implantation bleeding, it will be light spotting and will only last for 2 or 3 days maximum. Either way, I will be getting my blood test done on the 8th, Tuesday morning.

Crap I’m also feeling the need to take a big dump right now, but that could be because of the big plate of biriyani and grilled chicken i stuffed myself with a while ago.

Update: 7th today, bleeding still hasn’t stopped yet, but it’s not heavy either. I don’t know, I just so badly want to be pregnant and know that the lord can perform a miracle even in the last second, so I’m just going to keep calm and wait for the blood test.


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