Late Period and Negative Pregnancy Test: WTH is going on?

Late Period and Negative Pregnancy Test: WTH is going on?

So on the 1st November 2016, me and hubby went to the docs for a pregnancy check up, which happened to be a urine test and the result, as i had doubted, turned out to be negative. I wasn’t convinced though, so i bought a home pregnancy kit and did one late night around 2am, which was also negative.

However, i asked my docs to do blood test for accurate result because i read on many forums that urine test can give false negatives at times. She advised me to get it done 5 days later, which will be on the 7th Monday morning.

As of today, i am at least 4-5 days late. If my period doesn’t show up before i go for my blood test, then there’s a good chance that i could be pregnant!

All i know is that if i am pregnant, i must be at least 4-5 weeks now, because pregnancy is counted from the first day of last menstrual cycle.

At this point i really don’t want to talk about symptoms of pregnancy, just in case my p is just taking its sweet time for whatever reason.

But the wait and see game is killing me! I really want to conceive a child right now, at this moment of my life.

That’s the desire of my heart and i have prayed about it to the lord. I believe whatever he does, he will only allow things to happen in my life to prosper me and never to harm me so yeah.

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