My Husband took Baptism and is now a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!

My bank account, at the moment, might be running on minus and overdrafts right now, but I still feel like a billionaire. My heart is flooding with a joy that no words can describe. The day I’ve been desperately hoping and waiting for has come. My husband has accepted Jesus as his lord and saviour!! Today (09/10/2016) he took baptism and became an official born again christian.

My husband is from a very strict Hindu family, who worship all sorts of idols, human gods and firmly believe in astrology. Just a few weeks ago we had a massive argument when I got angry and said “I don’t worship idols or statues, I worship the one and only living god there is!”. My husband also busted out in anger and started cursing and swearing at me saying “Are you trying to call my god a lifeless statue” etc. He also used to remind me from time to time, that I and our future children, must also worship his idols and go to their temples and so on.

I never rebelled or said anything against his religious wishes whenever he forced them upon me, however, I was praying to my heavenly father day and night for the salvation of my husband. I cried for hours and hours and even fasted at times for the lord almighty god to knock the stubborn heart of my husband until he receives the lord Jesus as his saviour.

Almost every single day, I spoke and begged the lord for his salvation because i knew then only my husband would be able to love me, and lead our marriage life according to the lord’s will. I also gave an oath to the lord that my womb shall only give birth to children who will serve the one and only god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. If by any chance that will not be the case, I also asked the lord to curse my womb and make me barren if that will not be the case.

We continuously faced many disasters in our lives within a short period of time, but the one thing i never stopped doing is, thanking the lord and believing that he is allowing all things to happen only to prosper me and never to harm me (Jeremiah 29:11).

In the midst of a huge storm that almost shook my marriage life to the point everyone thought it was going to end, I cried out to the lord and still believed. Few days after, in early September, 2016, my hubby and i were just casually chilling in our bed and watching a movie when he randomly started questioning me about real god and other religions.

At first, i was just casually telling him about the lord and what’s written in the bible and saw his interest gradually increase day by day. I then realised that the lord’s holy spirit was causing the curiosity in my husband and filling him with the thirst to want to know the truth.  About 5 or 6 days later, he opened his mouth and said that he is ready to accept the lord and become a Christian. Hallelujah!

The lord allowed us to pass through that storm so we can truly taste how good he is. What more can bring happiness to me and to us than the salvation of my husband??? We both read the bible together every day and pray together several times a day. We now try to submit everything we do in the hands of the lord and rely on him for every single thing from A-Z.

We are still sinners. We still sin against the lord in many ways, but the difference is, we BOTH are now worshipping the one and only living god together. We know he is there for us and he will deliver us from all evil. He will only ever do anything to prosper us and never to harm us. We are striving not to sin against the lord, but whenever we fail, he is there to lift us back up and continue to work his miracles in our lives.

I can now, with all the confidence i have in the lord, open my mouth and say out loud that the children the lord will bless me with, will also worship none other than our almighty heavenly father. Amen!

I really wanted to keep his short and sweet, but hey, some things you just can’t keep your mouth shut, or your hands from typing em.

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What about you? Tell us how you or your husband became a born again Christian. 

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