3 Things YOU DO that are Killing your Blogging Success!

Hello my friend! My tiny heart is tickled with joy seeing you land on this post! No I’m not. I will be glad if you manage to read and get something out of it though.

Don’t expect me to be writing in some sweet cheesy tone because you’re a newbie, I’m a newbie too, well at least with this blog. Wait, I can be that sweetypie, sometimes, depends on what on earth I’m talking (writing) about i guess. I’m also not planning to turn this into a mega 3000+ words post, that’s also not me.

This is my first post about blogging and it certainly won’t be the last, BUT, I will only be posting about blogging, if i feel the absolute need to share something awesome with you all, like this post you are reading.

Time my friend, is running out in lightening speed. Can you believe in just a few days we’ll all be like “Happy New Year 2017!”. The point is, time is not going to wait for me or you, so we gotta pull our ehem together and put some real effort not to waste it.

I’m gonna say it. What we all say by this time, every year. Feels like 2016 just barely started.

I will try to keep things short and sweet here, but if you’re like me, you’re probably just looking for some bullet points or a summary of this entire post in 5 lines.

Well anyways,
Guess who i am?

I am the perfect example of these awesome things:

  1. Lazy
  2. Stupid
  3. Procrastinator
  4. Time waster
  5. Above all, someone who still hasn’t managed to make use of the skills the sweet lord has blessed me with.

Having said that, I’m definitely not a newbie blogger, nor am I a newbie Internet marketer. See how I’m just so full of myself there? That’s what lead me to starting and giving up so many times! So now, I’m trying to be humble. Trying. Is it working though, you tell me?

I was caught by the “make money online” bug in 2011. Did manage to sweep up a couple thousand dollars in ad/affiliate programs. Officially started blogging in 2014 and sold that blog in 2016 with 100+ posts for a price not worth mentioning, but it did help me out. I will tell you all about that later on in another post.

So anyways, I have started this whole blogging fuss all over again, just before September 2016. But i only started posting regularly from mid November.

Here are some things I’m trying to avoid doing in order to become a successful blogger. You should probably do the same, unless you just want to sit and read other people’s income reports all year long.

NO 1: Don’t look at it. Just don’t.

Don’t look at what, you ask? That number 1 evil cause of depression for newbie bloggers. Google analytics!

I know seeing your views go up each day, even if it’s just 3 or 7 people reading it, gives a huge motivation to keep going. BUT, if you’re like me with Analytics opened on one tab 24/7, checking it every few minutes, you my friend, are in big trouble.

Since i started blogging religiously from November, I have been finding myself staring at the real time views on my Google analytics, more than I’m writing up a post, or promoting it. I did the exact same thing in the past also, which is one of the main reasons why i used to lose motivation so quickly and eventually gave up.

Staring at those views all day, is NOT good at all, especially when you’re just starting out.

I’m going to challenge myself to only look at it 2 times a week, from next week. See how bad that is?

NO 2: The numbers on some them damn income reports you see everywhere.

Newbie earning $3000 a month? That is pure awesome man, how’d you do that? *Clicks income report*. 10 000 a month? You is incredible! I like you! 70 000 a month? *drools in shock* 150 000 a month? Baby girl, let me start earning enough to pay off my upcoming bills and debts, and then we’ll talk about rolling in them 6 figures.

Those bloggers earning 5 and 6 figures a month, are doing an incredibly awesome job. As much as we must all appreciate their journey to success, and as much as should see them as our role models, you know when you need to stop?

When you’re sitting around reading other people’s income reports all day, every day!

I’m not saying it’s bad to read em. It’s awesome to read other people’s income reports and success stories, but don’t do it every single day. Do it maybe once a week or something?

Why? Because it will eventually cause you depression, unwanted frustrations and panic attacks thinking you will never become like them. If you try, and try, without giving up, you eventually will. But just ah just don’t get addicted to reading other people’s income reports every single day.

NO 3: When Tuesday welcomes you to reality.

You probably had a spike in the weekend and got all excited thinking your views are finally starting to go up and then, Tuesday comes and welcomes you back to reality. My friend, don’t let it get to you.

Do i seriously have to sweet talk you as to why your weekend page views are much higher? That’s right, it was WEEKEND..say no more.

But don’t let it get to you. Go back and read tip number 1 one more time for this.

Now, focus your energy on writing quality posts and promoting.

Take a break here and there, don’t be so harsh on yourself. Hustle, but take a little break every few hours to watch a movie or something you know? In the middle of writing up this post, I’m watching ‘Almost Christmas’ 2016 movie. Just trying to get me in the Christmas mood you see.

Listen my lovely people, this post definitely looks longer than i had planned, but hope you will excuse me. And that is if you even read it word for word, did you? Did you?

Now, perhaps, if I didn’t annoy you yet, you can do yourself a favor by signing up for my free newsletter from the link above, can’t see it? Yeah probably because you clicked on the small upward arrow to hide it when you landed on here.

But here it is again, my humble request to get on your last nerves.

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Newbies and seasoned bees, can you relate to these demotivational factors in your blogging career? Tell us!

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