Do these 5 Things & See the Hand of GOD Working in Your Life!

NO 3: Be grateful for every little thing.

Managed to catch the train or bus on time even when you woke up late? Say praise the lord! Made peace with your spouse after a heated argument? Thank him from the bottom of your heart. Woke up alive and got your basic needs to survive? Thank him.

Because you know why?

Each day that wake up, you’re alive and well because god has a purpose for you. Not many people wake up alive after going to sleep. Millions can’t afford shelter, food or clean water to survive each day. But you have it all right?

When you start thanking god from the bottom of your heart for every little thing, good and bad, you will start seeing his miracles in your life.

Always remember, that whatever the lord allows or doesn’t allow to happen in your life, believe that he only has plans to prosper and never to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).


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