How I’m Surviving a Long Distance Marriage (8 Tips)

Before you start reading this post, I’d like to warn that I speak about the lord Jesus a lot, wherever and whenever I feel the need to. If that’s something that’s not of your interest, please feel free to close this post.

Just 2 days ago on the 17th of Nov, I was at the airport in India, waving goodbyes to my dear hubby with tears flooding down my eyes. I was literally climbing over the small fences in the airport to give him my last kisses, with a heart full of sorrow, knowing that I won’t be seeing him for another 6-7 months at least.

I’m a British citizen (South Asian origin), married to my sweet hubby who is an Indian citizen. We got married in April 2016, and I was only able to stay with him for a week during our wedding time because of my work issues. And I literally quit my job to go and stay with my hubby for 2 and a half months since September, because I simply couldn’t handle it anymore.

We’ve been in a long distance relationship for over a year before we decided to tie the knot. Only my sweet Jesus knows the pain I’m going through missing my husband.

I cannot stop myself from crying every time I take a look at the photos and videos we took of ourselves in India. Every single photo and video reminds me of the things we did and all the moments we shared and instantly makes teary.

If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship, you’d know how hard it is to get through each day, each week, each month being far away from each other. In our case, it’s now a long distance marriage and no words can absolutely describe the pain we both go through.

So how am i surviving my long distance marriage?

In one word, the answer is JESUS. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I have to give credit where it’s due. As for my marriage, without Jesus, we wouldn’t have even gotten married. We wouldn’t have been able to pass through all the storms the devil tried to put in our path and we wouldn’t even be together if it wasn’t because of his mercy.

NOW… These are some of the things that I do, with the wisdom and help from the lord, to survive my long distance marriage.

YOU reading this post, I don’t know who you are and it doesn’t matter to me to be honest. But if you are by any chance, in a long distance relationship or a marriage, and you really see yourself with this person, I suggest it won’t cause you any harm to try out these tips below.


I’m so sorry if you think that’s a boring and useless tip, but shutting my room door and kneeling down every morning and night to cry my heart out to the lord, is literally what is keeping my marriage alive and well.

The lord has and still is doing many miracles in our lives, every single day. From calming down arguments within minutes to giving us both the heart to apologise right away, the lord does miracles that you would only learn to appreciate if you also taste it for yourselves.

And i can go on and on, if I were to talk about how miraculously my husband also became a born again Christian, but I’ve written about it on a separate post here for those interested.

All I’m saying is, when you start pouring out your heart to the lord and wait in his presence, you cannot help but start experiencing miracles.

NO 2: Future benefits of the distance.

Long distance hurts, especially when your husband or wife is living thousands of miles away from you like mine, the pain is indescribable. I know. But this is how i have slowly, but steadily started overcoming the depression caused by not being able to see my hubby.

Every time i feel depressed about it, i would pray of course, and then through the wisdom from the lord, I would ask myself a few questions like, why exactly Am I away from my husband right now? What do i have to do in order to bring him here to the UK?

I would remind myself of the benefits of bringing him here, rather than me going to settle in India. Right now, keeping our family circumstances in mind, it wouldn’t be a wise decision for me to go over there. It will be better for us and everyone, if he comes to join me in the UK asap and our lifestyle obviously will be better over here.

So i remind myself all these things to calm down myself from being depressed and focus on the fact that i need to work and sort out the documents needed to sponsor him.

Likewise, you should also ask yourself some similar questions regarding the distance in your relationship? Are there any positive outcomes for you both, even if it means you have to wait for a short period of time? Will your lives be better if you both be patient and wait a little bit?


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