6 Powerful Chronic SNORING Home Remedies that are working for my Mom!

Snoring…wow ..big deal! Right? Everyone snores, I mean who cares it’s just some funny broken car engine sounds here and there.

That’s exactly how I used to see snoring because who doesn’t snore after a tiring day at work or something?

My hubby even has small voice records of me snoring at times when I’m in my coma stage sleep on his chest. So yeah snoring was no big deal you see.

You see how I’ve bolded the “was” on my above sentence? That should hint my view on snoring now.

Last week, I asked my sweet mother to come and sleep in my big double bed for a night because it was freezing cold and our heaters weren’t working.

She came around 10ish and we both closed our eyes to sleep.

I had put my alarm to 7.30am for the next morning and closed my eyes.

She started snoring..Snoring…SNoring…SNOring…SNORing..SNORIng…SNORINg..SNORING! That’s how the volume of her snoring increased throughout the night.

I’m telling you, I didn’t have an hour of sleep that night. I kept on pushing her at times and shouting at her to stop it, but, she was helpless and deep asleep.

I even recorded her snoring sounds to show her the next morning, to which she acted like it was a big surprise, but she truly wasn’t.

I told her she suffers from chronic snoring and that we need to something about it. I also, sadly, told her not to sleep next to me again.

So anyways, I’ve researched about lots n lots of useful resources on chronic snoring in adults and natural effective remedies to cure it for my mom.

We have started doing these and hopefully these natural snoring remedies will end up being useful for you or someone you know who also suffers from chronic snoring like my mom.

Powerful natural home remedies and tips for snoring in adults:

NO 1: Try sleeping on your side.

From the way my mom sleeps on flat her back, I just knew instantly that it has to be one of the causes of her snoring the entire night.

I mean it’s okay to sleep on your back, but this woman does not sleep on her sides at all.

According to health experts, constantly sleeping on flat on your back causes the flesh on your throat to relax and block your airway.

Which obviously is the main cause of snoring because snoring happens when you can’t get air to move freely through your nose and throat while you sleep.

So attempting to sleep on her side, is now the first thing my mom is trying to do in order to stop snoring.

NO 2: Medicine.

If you’re taking certain types of strong medicine to treat any illnesses, these can also be the cause of your chronic snoring.

My mom takes a whole bunch of tablets every single day for her various health conditions.

She’s quite helpless on this one, but I have asked her to speak to her doctor about it for some professional help on this.

You have to take notice of this one strongly because sometimes dealing with the cause also brings the cure.

NO 3: Eat at least 2-3 hours before bed.

Eating heavy meals right before bed can also cause your throat muscles to relax and eventually cause snoring. This is another strong one for my mom.

She’d come home from work around 8.30pm, eat her full plate of carbohydrate loaded meal by 9 and go to sleep by 9.15pm.

See how she doesn’t even wait for the food to completely digest before heading off to bed? That’s one big mistake to avoid if you’re also doing it.

I’ve asked her to stop doing that and she has started working on it.

NO 4: Warm water with honey before bed.

Warm water with a tablespoon of organic honey before bed can help soothe and keep the throat area moist. Dry throat can also cause snoring.

NO 5: Oil Pulling.

You have seriously been living under a rock, if you still haven’t heard about this almost miracle cure, for literally everything. Oil pulling is a

Oil pulling is a thousands of years old remedy with hundreds of health and beauty benefits.

I have done it a couple of times but wasn’t consistent with it due to work related excuses. I’m going to start a 30 days oil pulling challenge soon to post the results on this blog.

Anyways, so the point is that oil pulling has been known to help people with chronic snoring. I have advised (or forced) my mother to also start doing it to treat her snoring.

Oil pulling is a great way to detox your body from all the toxins you’ve been storing inside for years.

Speaking of which, you might also want to try the Himalayan salt water flush for colon cleanse. It’s super easy and powerful for that very matter.

She doesn’t do it every single day yet, but I will make sure she does, for her own benefit and the benefit of everyone else in the house.

Organic coconut oil is the best and most recommended one for oil pulling. I will write a detailed post on oil pulling soon for those who might be interested.

NO 6: Ginger and Honey tea.

Luckily, ginger tea is not a new name in our household. We use ginger in almost every curry dish and drink ginger tea at least 4-5 times a week.

The difference is our ginger tea will have an actual tea bag combined with grated ginger and sugar, but in this case you will have to use only ginger and honey.

I’m encouraging my mom to drink this at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once before she goes to sleep.

It’s so easy to make. All you need is:

  • 1-2 inch of freshly grated ginger
  • 1-2 tsp honey
  • A mug of boiling water

Instructions: add the grated ginger into the mug of boiling water and mix in the honey. Allow the boiling water to soak up the ginger for about 5-7 minutes before drinking it.

Don’t drink it while it’s super hot though. And don’t forget to strain it before drinking, although we don’t always do that.

ohh and one more!

SEE ALSO: This bomb Cough milk recipe helped my mom to get rid of her nonstop painful coughs.

NO 7: a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil before bed.

Yes, you read that right. Drink a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil every morning or before bed, and see the wonders it will do for your skin and body.

As for snoring, drinking some extra virgin olive oil before bed can smoothen up the airway and aid in preventing the throat muscles from blocking the throat area when you sleep.

My mother has been convinced, but she’s not always bothered with this one either. I’m gonna keep reminding her that she doesn’t really have a choice on this one.

I will be adding more as we find more that’s working for mom and for all suffering with chronic snoring.

You might also want to read about my experience with this popular coconut oil sleep remedy that got me stuck in the washroom all night.

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Has any of these tips and remedies worked for you with snoring? Or do you have another tip or remedy that worked for you? Share it with us!

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your mom should go to a sleep center to see what the issues are she may have sleep apnea, which has all sorts of health complications. Sleep apnea is treated with a CPAP machine that blows air through your nose or mouth and keeps the air way open. No drugs no side effects. i had the type of snoring you described , i feel much better with the CPaP machine.