My Experience with Bobble Filter Water Bottle: YAY or NAY?

My Experience with Bobble Filter Water Bottle: YAY or NAY?

So my 1 litre Bobble water bottle from Amazon arrived today. I’m really impressed with the delivery time! I ordered it (standard delivery) on Thursday and it arrived today, on Saturday. Their estimated delivery date said I should receive it on Monday, so their delivery time is the first thing that impressed me about Bobble.

Bobble filter water bottles are available in more than 5 colors and 3 different sizes. They also sell the filters separately so you only have to replace the filter every 2 months.


Why did i order the Bobble water bottle with filter?DSC_0579

  • Because no matter how many times i try to refill the normal plastic store bought water bottles like Evian, volvic and so on, the bottles would start losing shape so quickly. The maximum number of times I’ve ever been able to refill and use a normal store bought water bottle is roughly 5-6 times per bottle.
  • I want to drink at least 2-3 litres of water daily. That will never be possible with glasses, jugs and normal store bought filled water bottles.

So those are my 3 main reasons why i decided to go ahead and buy this filter water bottle by Bobble.

My first impression of Bobble filter water bottle?

As soon as i opened it, I filled it with cold water like it said on the back of the box and gently squeezed out all the water from the first fill for the bottle to be cleaned. Without wasting another second, i immediately filled my Bobble with cold tap water again and started drinking from it.

I’m looking at it right now and can’t believe I’ve drank ¾ of the bottle already. It’s only been about an hour since i filled it. So that’s pretty impressive!

I have read a lot of reviews on Amazon saying the Bobble filter “really made the tap water taste so much better” and my thought was, hold on, water is not supposed to have any taste so what are these people talking about? Now i know what they mean! It tastes clear and clean, like i don’t know how to explain it. But it’s all good.

So many color choices but Black is still my favorite! 

Water Bobble 2-Pack Replaceable Water Filter, BlackWater Bobble 2-Pack Replaceable Water Filter, BlackBobble Water Bottle, 34-Ounce, BlackBobble Water Bottle, 34-Ounce, Blackbobble Water Bottle with Carry Cap, 34-Ounce, Blackbobble Water Bottle with Carry Cap, 34-Ounce, Black



The Bobble water bottle definitely looks and feels durable compared to the regular store bought filled bottles. But i get this feeling like i might damage it if i squeeze too hard when trying to suck the water. Speaking of which, it might not be a good choice for weak elderly adults as it does require a tiny effort to squeeze and suck the water from the bottle for each sip.

Errr what the heck Bobble?


Look what happened when i was trying to suck the last bit of water from my bobble bottle. And it’s my first day and first use!

I was able to quickly blow it out into its normal shape again, but the quality of this material certainly feels cheap.

I’m not going to jump into too many conclusions, just yet. I took it to work last night and filled it twice again already, so that’s about 6 times I’ve happily managed to refill and drink filtered tap water from my 1 liter Bobble bottle.

I will be more than satisfied if it will last me for even 200 uses (Bobble boasts of 300), before having to replace the bottle or filter.

However, dear Bobble, you guys need to seriously upgrade the plastic quality of these bottles.

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