The 1 Most Effective Marriage Advice Most Couples Neglect!

Let me just get to the point, before I talk about it in detail.

“Talk to each other, instead of about each other.”- unknown

Not sure who originally came up with the above quote, but we all say it naturally, at some point in our lives.

Ladies, when you have a problem with your husband, talk to him instead of talking to your mother or girlfriends about it.

And guys, same thing for you. If you don’t like something about her or something she said or did, talk to her. She’s your wife.

Talk to her. Don’t go let your wife down to other people, who absolutely don’t need to know your private business. Because you know why?

Who do you think they’re going to support?

Dear husbands and wives, when you talk about the negative sides of your marriage life with your parents, family members or friends, this is what happens:

-Almost permanent reputation damage for your spouse – Your family and friends will start thinking low about your spouse (sometimes permanently). And, you don’t want that.

-Looking for ways to split you guys up- Instead of telling you what you can do to fix your marriage life.

Instead of pointing out your mistakes, the third person, whoever it is, will often keep pointing out your spouse’s negatives to you.

-Beautiful divorce advice- Some toxic friends and family members will jump into divorce topic for every small thing.

Instead of trying to help you to be happy with your husband or wife, they will tell you about their bad marriage life, how they got divorced and why you should do it too.

And start lecturing you about all the wonderful *benefits* of divorcing your spouse.

-They’re probably happy inside- Oh believe me, if only we can watch it on a screen what people are really thinking in their hearts when they act like an angel in front of your face.

Trust nobody, but God almighty, especially when it comes to your marriage life.

But my husband is not someone you can easily talk to?

If you’re thinking the above or anything similar, guess what?

I won’t disagree with you. My husband was (still is at times) like that also. But that’s also when I gave up leaning on my own understanding.

Start seeing the lord as your one and only Marriage counselor.

Simply because the lord said in Proverbs 3: 5-6, we must trust him with all our heart and not lean unto our own understanding.

His life-giving word also says that if we acknowledge him in all our ways, he will direct our paths.

Kneel down and give up on yourself. Whatever it is, that’s causing you pain regarding your marriage life, pour it out on the feet of the lord.

I’m telling you, I taste his goodness in my marriage life every single day since I stopped trying to do things on my own.

Of course, your husband or wife’s heart might be so cold, stubborn and hard to understand, but you need to always remember that nothing is too hard for the lord (Jeremiah 32:27).

When you give it to him and believe he will take care of it, he will. Full stop.

He will melt your spouse’s heart sooner and in a way you’ve never even thought would be possible.

So instead of growing unwanted bitterness towards your husband or wife, hand it over to the lord.

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How do you feel about this in your marriage life? Don’t be shy. Share your thoughts below.

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