4 Body Image issues I’m encountering in my Marriage life

My current situation:

I’m a 25 years old, somewhat overweight wife. I say somewhat because, I have a fat belly, chubby arms and heavy thighs, but I somehow find my way to hide my flaws 90% of the time, by wearing the right type of clothing. I never forget to wear my waist cincher, even when it’s boiling hot outside, which is pretty sad! But what can i do, it helps me to hide my flabby belly and makes me look 10 times slimmer than i actually am.

The 21st of December 2016, will make it 8 whole months, since me and my sweet husband got married married. We’re still newly married right? I think we are.

So here’s the thing, my hubby is an attractive slim man, whereas I’m also a pretty decent looking (hoping not to sound arrogant), chubby lady. He sees, my jelly belly but he sleeps on it and plays with it. He teases me at times for jokes, but never hurts me in any way to make me feel low about my body weight.

I’m 5 ft 3 inches tall with a weight of 69kg, which according to every BMI (body mass index) calculator, is officially overweight. My BMI is 26.9 and anything from 25-29.9 is considered overweight. I’d say my weight looks pretty much like Mindy Kaling before she lost weight, especially her arms.

My weight gain..
I think i started putting on weight since the age of 19 at a rapid speed, and never bothered doing anything about it. Of course, I have spent countless hours like an owl in the middle of the night, watching weightloss videos and before/after testimonies, while still munching on my bars of chocolate and hot cuppa!

Before i talk further about how i plan to lose weight, here are the 4 main body image issues that’s impacting my self esteem and confidence in our marriage life:

NO 1: I used to always have nice thick thighs, but now they’re thick, heavy, jiggly and full of cellulite!

Even though my hubby treats me like I’m the most beautiful thing he has ever met in his life, I still can’t stand in front of him with a short dress or something you know, without moving from side to side and hiding my leg

NO 2: My arms are what would give anybody the first clue of me being overweight.

I can hide my belly with my waist cincher, but arms are almost impossible to hide. As a result, i ALWAYS wear black mid sleeve tops and dresses. And i always cover them somehow with a scarf or something whenever i go out.

It’s quite sad because it’s like i’m almost forbidding myself from wearing nice tops and dresses, in order to hide my flabby arms.

I’d make my hubby wear all kinds of nice shirts and t shirts, and then there’s me, wearing my uniform black for every occasion.

NO 3: The cellulite dimples on my butt!

Oh it’s embarrassing. I don’t (from the bottom of my heart) intent to offend anybody, but just sharing how mine makes me feel. I end up causing my hubby to get moody at times when I’m being over sensitive about them and not allowing him to see them n so on..

NO 4: My jelly belly.

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, i’d get my way around with this by wearing my waist cincher when going out, but it doesn’t really help in the bedroom department. Without getting into too much detail, it stops me from trying out new things with my husband.


What has been the main cause of my weight gain?

I used to allow depression and anxiety from life disasters to get to me all the time. So for almost 6 years, you can say it’s been a combination of depression and laziness.

But right now..Other than my laziness to exercise and eat healthy, absolutely nothing gets in the way of me becoming fit.

What do i plan to do about my extra weight?

I need to lose about 10kg to be super fit.

I have planned to lose weight, like i have been planning for the past 6 years or so. But this time, on a serious level. I’m going to post exactly what i’m doing, eating and not doing bla bla and keep a weight loss diary posts here. I might post some photos also (without my face of course!).

Posting about my weight gain/weight loss is something i have never done before, so who knows it might just be what i need, to get me started and going.

My attempts to diet in the past:

I have started and failed many diets before even completing 2 days with them. I think my longest diet was the egg diet i discovered on Youtube, this diet apparently has helped hundreds (if not thousands) of people lose up to 10kg in 10 days. I managed to do it for 4 days, and it did, honestly help me to shed off at least 3kg, but i quickly put it all back on when i gave up on the 5th day.

So what diet program do i plan on starting?

I haven’t quite figured out exactly what diet i want to try, but the first thing I’m gonna work on is getting rid of my junk food habits. I’m also hooked on the miraculous results so many people are seeing by taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with warm water first thing in the morning and 30 mins before every meal. As much as it sounds so simple, i know it ain’t, at least not for someone like me.

Hence why I will be posting about my every attempt here on Dynamicwife. I will be posting before/after photos also. I will post about what changes (if any) I’m making to my diet and lifestyle and how each one is helping me.

I need a huge dose of motivation to get started, but hopefully, posting about it publicly might just be the boost i need.

Are you also facing any body image issues in your marriage life? Share with us how it’s impacting your marriage and what you’re doing about it.

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