About Me

Me & My Mr.Grumpy 🙂

Hello there!

I’m Hamz, a 26-year-old, newly married born again Christian wife from London.

Here on DynamicWife, my goal is to share science backed natural health & beauty tips with you all.

I don’t think twice to write about certain health topics that some may find awkward, like this post on getting rid of fishy vaginal odor.

And if you’re suffering from barely there Casper eyebrows like I once did, you should check out my post on JBCO for eyebrows with before and after pictures.

Looking for some real before/after photos of activated charcoal teeth whitening? I’ve got you covered on this post.

So yeah, you’ll find tips & remedies for all kinds of skin & hair care problems here.

Wanna know a little secret?

Hamz is only the first half of my actual name.

My full name has a ridiculous meaning and I’m planning to change it in the near future.

So for the time being, you can call me Hamz like some of my family/friends do.

What inspired me to start DynamicWife?

Well, it seems I’ve been a natural health & beauty enthusiast since dinosaur times. Literally.

Seriously not trying to brag but I have been the go to person for every health & beauty related issues in my family/friends circle.

It’s something I can never get bored of learning and talking about so that’s why I’ve started this blog.

Another reason is to keep a public record of my health & beauty challenges to motivate me and others going through the same situation to not give up.

I’m currently working on hair growth & recovery challenges. I’m taking tons of before/after pictures for you all!

Still here? Well here are 5 random facts about Me

  • I’m a serial cloud watcher. I can stare at the magnificent beauty of the clouds all day. I see them as God’s paintings on the sky.
Beautiful evening sky view from my garden
  • I’m an introvert and that means I can be very picky about whom I talk and spend time with.
  • I don’t believe in having a degree just for the sake of having one. Hence I quit university twice to follow my dream as an online entrepreneur.
  • My favorite quote: “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”
  • I looked more like a chubby baby boy than a girl once upon a time…
Told you!

Got something to say to me?

Send me an email from my contact page here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


God bless you all.

Hamz Suren